Having worked with Steven (aka Caz to many) for over a decade now I can honestly say, Hand on heart, that the guy is a perfectionist and truly understands what is required for our loved ones final send off.  My personal coffin bug bear has always been wonky handles, especially Oscar bar ends at the head as this is the main focal point and was forever ranting and raving at him for such in his previous employ. When he set up his own company he recounted a conversation he’d recently had with his brother who questioned why would he’d want to supply Dolby’s as they are a proper nightmare who picks up on anything wrong and makes it known in no uncertain terms. Steve’s response was if I can keep Anthony Dolby happy then I know my company is maintaining the high standard that I’ve set out to provide. I’m proud to be a part of that high standard and thank Steve and his team for giving me the comfort in knowing that my families will get the best possible coffins made to my exact high standards.